Wonderful lightness of the body!

lekkość ciała

Heavy, swollen legs are most often the result of heat and a sedentary lifestyle. Many women also have a problem with water retention, which results in a feeling of heaviness throughout the body and affects its aesthetics. However, there are treatments that quickly provide relief and almost immediate wonderful lightness!

Why do our legs swell up so much? Most often, it is related to lifestyle – lack of movement (it is a natural pump that allows blood to be pushed upward, toward the heart), inadequate diet (oedema is especially promoted by eating large amounts of salt), high temperatures (typical summer heaviness and swelling in the legs), not drinking enough water, excess alcohol or not getting enough sleep.

Leg swelling can also be associated with venous and lymphatic circulation disorders, as well as many diseases, e.g. kidneys, heart or thyroid. Therefore, if you observe troublesome, painful or long-lasting swelling, it is worth contacting a doctor - in our clinic, each treatment is preceded by a thorough diagnosis and medical history, sometimes we also recommend additional tests to be sure that the patient can safely undergo treatments, or refer him to other specialists.

Drainage procedures

Drainage improves the flow of lymph, which gives an immediate effect of light legs. It is the effect of many devices we use in our clinic for body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments, combined with body massage with a special applicator, such as Icoone, Onda or Venus LegacyOur patients also like the innovative Cosmosoftwhich is rarely found in aesthetic medicine practices and without which I cannot imagine working with patients who want to lose excess weight.

Cosmosoft looks like a vacuum drainage suit, but, in addition to vacuum, it uses impulse low-frequency electromagnetic field technology to reduce fat. Note! It is the only device to reduce not only subcutaneous adipose tissue, but also dangerous visceral fat (so-called abdominal fat), which accumulates between the internal organs. It also has an excellent draining effect and is very effective even for stubborn swelling. And the procedure is pleasant and painless, even allowing you to relax. It is also one of the few technologies recommended for overweight and obese people to support the weight loss process, from the moment it starts.

Fight swelling with cold!

Low temperature reduces swelling quickly, so you can count on this effect after using Proshock Ice, a method that combines cryolipolysis and shock wave. The cold causes damage to the fat cells in the area that needs to be reshaped, while the acoustic wave stimulates microcirculation and drainage so that the body can get rid of them faster and more efficiently. However, a very desirable and much-loved “side effect” of this treatment is a pleasant cooling sensation (perfect in hot weather!) and an immediate reduction in body circumferences by getting rid of water and lymphatic retention. Our patients sometimes call this treatment simply “light legs” and say it gives them a feeling of lightness they haven’t experienced in the last 15-20 years!


Aesthetics goes hand in hand with overall well-being and caring for a healthy lifestyle largely influences how we look. That is why, at our clinic, you will not only undergo effective facial and body treatments (also simultaneously, if you are short on time and want to make the most of it), but you will also learn how to take care of your body so that its ageing processes are slower and you can enjoy good looks and a slender body without swelling.

To avoid heavy legs, first of all, remember to introduce the following healthy habits into your life – it really is not difficult!

  • Take care of your daily dose of movement and physical exertion – it doesn't have to be a workout or a fitness club; long walks are enough. If you have a sedentary job, take regular breaks, for example, every hour – take literally 5 minutes to get up and move around.
  • Drink plenty of water – unfortunately, most of us do not hydrate our bodies properly. You should drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.
  • You can mix water with lemon, cucumber or parsley – it will have a better taste (if you don't like to drink pure water) and an additional draining and rejuvenating effect (due to the high amount of vitamins and natural antioxidants).
  • Try to limit or eliminate alcohol, salt and highly processed foods from your diet – all of which promote water retention and oedema.
  • If you cannot come for our treatments, and you are bothered by swelling related, for example, to the heat, it is a good idea to take a cool shower or massage your skin with a cooling compress (or ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth) – it will quickly bring relief! At the same time, avoid hot baths.
  • Take care of the correct bodyweight – overweight is conducive to swelling!

It is also worth emphasising that regular drainage treatments improve the flow of fluids in the body and prevent swelling. So, if you have such a tendency, it is worth including them in your schedule regularly, especially in the summer.

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