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A unique approach to body shaping and weight loss at Dr Jerschina Face & Body Clinique

As the only medical clinic in Poland, we offer the possibility of performing whole-body treatments during one visit – with the procedure lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours! We use the same technologies or combine them into individually planned treatment programmes so as to achieve the most spectacular results – and it works, and our patients are very satisfied!

In the clinic, we have more than one piece of most devices, so we perform at least 2 areas on the body at the same time, and sometimes even more.

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Myth to bust! Should body treatments be performed after weight loss? It is absolutely factually incorrect!

Body treatments should be performed even before making a decision to lose weight, and certainly from the day you start to put such a decision into practice and lose weight. The skin of an overweight or obese person, or after pregnancy and physiological weight gain, is excessively stretched and flabby, so it is obvious that, upon gradual fat reduction, it will become even more apparent. Of course, it is all the more necessary after bariatric surgeries and is recommended in the preparation period before such surgeries.

The most effective and efficient treatment for obesity and overweight is comprehensive therapy under the supervision of an experienced physician and a team of professional cosmetologists, as well as a dietician and a physiotherapist.

The gradual restoration of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and controlled physical activity with the simultaneous use of modern medical high technologies and other available treatment elements, such as pharmacotherapy or supplementation, guarantee the greatest effectiveness.

If we include treatments in a comprehensive treatment – even in extreme cases such as bariatric surgeries – long-term effects will be the best possible.


Learn more about the comprehensive weight reduction and body shaping program at Dr Jerschina Face & Body Clinique.

For me, as a person who has been running weight loss programs for over 20 years, this knowledge is obvious, but for many, unfortunately, secret. It is not an easy task due to the fact that a doctor dealing with people who are struggling with obesity needs to have knowledge in many fields of medicine: internal medicine, i.e. internal diseases, cardiology, endocrinology, aesthetic medicine, anti-ageing, and at the same time have the opportunity to use modern high technologies.


Of course, to gain such experience, you need to devote many years of your professional life, invest in your development and broadening of knowledge, as well as in modern technologies and, above all, in a qualified team.

Today, thanks to this – with all our knowledge and skills – we are at your disposal and we give you the opportunity to take advantage of our many years of experience. You will receive full support for your health problems.

In addition, all people working in our clinic are characterised by good manners, personal empathy and willingness to help solve any problems with which you come to us.

All this results from love for people and our job.

Keep in mind that before you become seriously ill, you have a huge impact on your health. At least 85% is up to you, and most problems can be avoided or fixed. Let’s put it to good use before it’s too late.

Enjoy your life to the full and without limits.

And if you are already a parent, remember that you will always be a huge support to your children if you are in good shape. And your well-being will also allow you to enjoy the lives of your children, grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren. You will show them that people can be young at any age. After all, today, it is possible.

Dr Barbara Jerschina

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