Venus Legacy

Modelowanie sylwetki i redukcja cellulitu.

Venus Legacy – what does the treatment involve?

Venus Legacy to kombinacja multipolarnej fali radiowej z impulsowym polem magnetycznym, technologią VariPulse oraz technologią podniesienia temperatury tkanki w czasie rzeczywistym. Skuteczność tej technologii w modelowaniu sylwetki i walce z cellulitem potwierdza certyfikat FDA. Jak dokładnie działa?

  • Multipolar radio waves cause shrinkage of collagen fibres (immediate skin tightening effect), stimulate collagen synthesis (progressive skin remodelling improves its firmness and thickening in the next 3-6 months) and lipolysis (reduction of accumulated fat).
  • Pulsed magnetic field – stimulates collagen synthesis and fibroblast formation, resulting in firmer and tighter skin.
  • VariPulse technology – provides lymphatic drainage and improved circulation, which counteracts water accumulation and swelling.
  • Technologia podniesienia temperatury tkanki w czasie rzeczywistym – temperatura tkanek jest cały czas widoczna na ekranie, a wbudowany w głowicę termometr pozwala na jej precyzyjne kontrolowanie.

Get to know the procedure better

Most often, the treatment is performed on areas such as:

  • abdomen
  • hips (the so-called saddlebags),
  • thighs,
  • back,
  • buttocks,
  • arms
  • knees
  • neck,
  • arms
  • bust area (folds under the breasts and armpits),
  • chin,

Thanks to its special head, Venus Legacy can also be used in rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle facial treatments.

  • excess body fat, e.g. on the abdomen, thighs, knees, hips, back, or arms,
  • deep fat that is difficult to remove with diet or exercise,
  • cellulite, including advanced cellulite,
  • double chin,
  • loose, flabby skin, for example, on the abdomen,
  • sagging buttocks (“banana rolls” under the buttocks),
  • tendency to swelling
  • Pierwsze efekty poprawy napięcia skóry są widoczne już po jednym zabiegu, ale dla uzyskania pożądanego i trwałego efektu zalecamy wykonanie serii 6-10 zabiegów co 7-10 dni.

  • The first effects, resulting from the draining and shrinking effect of the collagen fibres, appear right after the treatment. Over the subsequent 1-3 months, you can see a reduction in circumferences, reduction in cellulite, improvement in skin density and firmness. It is the result of damaging fat cells (which are removed from the body through natural metabolic processes) and stimulating collagen production in the skin. That is why you will need to wait some time for the final results, as they appear gradually. 

Duration of the procedure

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The treatment is quick and usually takes about 30-40 minutes, depending on the area.

Pain intensity

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Zabieg jest całkowicie bezbolesny, wręcz przyjemny – bardziej przypomina relaksujący masaż.


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The procedure is non-invasive and requires no recovery. You can return to your daily activities immediately afterwards.

Venus Legacy – how does the procedure work?

To rodzaj masażu wykonywanego specjalnymi głowicami. Do zabiegów stosowane są 4 aplikatory, dzięki którym można opracować całe ciało, w tym: LiftFX do odmładzania i modelowania twarzy oraz redukcji tkanki tłuszczowej w trudno dostępnych obszarach ciała, jak fałdki pod biustem czy na ramionach, oraz SculptFX do konturowania ciała i redukcji cellulitu na większych obszarach. 

Venus Legacy – how to prepare for the procedure?

  • The treatment does not require special preparation, but as before any modelling procedure, it is a good idea to increase the water intake for 5-7 days.
  • On the day of the procedure, do not overeat, avoid alcohol and coffee.

„Venus Legacy stosujemy już od kilku lat. Jest przyjemny, szybki i niezwykle skuteczny. W sezonie bikini – wręcz obowiązkowy!”

Dr Barbara Jerschina

Venus Legacy – post-treatment recommendations

  • Drink plenty of water to improve drainage, detoxification and removal of broken fat cells.
  • Follow a light diet to ensure the best possible result.
  • You can also take vitamin C supplements to further strengthen the collagen synthesis process stimulated by the treatment – for increased skin firmness, density, and tension.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about Venus Legacy

We recommend combining Venus Legacy with other fat reduction methods to accelerate their effects, especially methods such as Clatuu Alpha, injection lipolysis, Onda or Scizeras well as drainage treatments Cosmosoft or Icoone.

Definitely yes! It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t leave marks, and allows you to return to your daily activities right away. In the case of facial treatments, the skin is immediately tighter, better supplied with blood, and more radiant, so the treatment can be performed before going out.

There are no weight loss treatments – in order to get rid of excess weight or obesity, you need to follow a diet, or alternatively, your doctor may implement appropriate medications to facilitate the process. Dr Barbara Jerschina has specialised in obesity treatment for many years. Venus Legacy is a body contouring method, which allows you to get rid of locally accumulated fat resistant to diet and activity. The treatment also leads to shrinking and firming of the skin, which is especially beneficial for people who have lost a lot of weight, as it protects them from flabbiness and loss of skin elasticity after weight loss. 

Yes, there is a special head with a large surface area for massaging areas such as the abdomen or thighs. In one visit, we can safely work virtually on the entire body, depending on the indications.

The first change, visible immediately after treatment, is an improvement in skin firmness. It is due to the fact that the action of radio waves results in thermolifting, i.e. the shortening of collagen fibres that have been stretched with age or due to, for example, pregnancy or weight fluctuations. However, for optimal results in fat and cellulite reduction, you need to wait about 1-3 months and perform a series of treatments.

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Cancers
  • Inflammatory conditions, skin infections
  • Unregulated cancers
  • Pacemaker
  • Electronic and metal implants
  • Dobrze wykonany zabieg jest nieinwazyjny i nie daje skutków ubocznych.
  • Only slight redness and a warming sensation may persist on the skin after the treatment. These symptoms resolve spontaneously within an hour.
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